Clinic Fee $125.00 and limited to only 6 riders!!


The Connecting With Horses Clinic


The Connecting With Horses Clinic is a very unique clinic where participants can go very in-depth in their understanding of themselves and their horses while learning an exceptional degree of horsemanship.


The structure of this clinic has Chris working with up to six people and their horses in a group setting for one to five days. The clinic is open to people of all ages and ability as well as horses of all ages and ability. The structure of the clinic is built around the people and their horses and where they are at, and each day is structured differently based on the needs and wants of the participants. The group will mostly work together, but sometimes we may work with the horses one at a time while the people not working watch and listen. And whether the group already knows each other or whether they are just meeting at the clinic, we become a group that is comfortable, supportive and inspiring where everyone learns from everyone.


The clinic blends many different exercises and experiences that are designed to help our growth in horsemanship in all ways. Through discussion, group work and one-on-one work the clinic forms around the participants and where they are at. The clinic also offers many exercises without the horses that help us to learn the focus, feel and balance that horses naturally respond to.


The most in-depth work between human and horse is done in the longer Connecting With Horses clinics (two to five days). Having multiple days in a row to let the participant and the horse really settle into the lessons helps the work to stay for the long run. Having a few nights to sleep on it and wake up refreshed and ready to go adds to the whole experience and allows for any change that is happening to really soak in. 


One day clinics are very in-depth as well, but for one day clinics it is very helpful to have a group that is somewhat close in where they are at. Either a focus on beginners/new/young horses or a focus on confident/riding horses helps a one day clinic to go well.


Here are some common topics covered in the clinic:



    ▪       A feel for energy, attitude and focus in both the human and the horse

    ▪       Having safety and fun as the foundation

    ▪       The guidance of a horses movement

    ▪       Confidence for the human and the horse

    ▪       A solid foundation of groundwork training for the horse

    ▪       What our horses show us about ourselves

           The transition to riding



    ▪       Keeping the connection from the ground to the saddle

    ▪       Guiding your horses thoughts and movement when riding

    ▪       A natural and balanced riding form

    ▪       Safety and control in riding

    ▪       Softness and confidence between horse and rider

        The foundational movements for all riding with horses

    ▪       Helping the horse and the human to feel good about riding